Sheep to Scarf Competition

Thank you for your interest in the Artisan Guild of Illinois Sheep to Scarf competition.  We expect the event to be a fun, educational experience for participants and viewers.  Teams are encouraged to interact with the viewers, provide information and answer questions.

Saturday May 2, 2020
10:00 am to 1:30 pm

Southern Illinois Art and Fiber Fest
Mascoutah, IL

Cost of registration per team (limit six) is $25.  Distribution of proceeds as awards will be as follows:  40% winning team, 30% second place team, 20% third place team.  Host will retain 10% for admin overhead.  Additionally, the winning scarf will be auctioned off with 50% of the proceeds returned to the winning team.  Members of placing teams will receive commemorative ribbons.


1.  Team must provide own 10×10 canopy (with anchors/stakes) 
2.  Team must fit within boundaries of 10×10 canopy space. 
3.  Due to space, the number of competing teams is limited to six. 
4 . Each team will consist of 4 members and 1 auxiliary educator. 
5.  Team must provide its own equipment (no electric equipment, no drum carder). 
6.  Loom may be pre-warped (non-commercial, handspun wool). 
7.  Team must provide its own weft sheep wool fiber, unprepared except for washing. 
8.  No assistance from non-team members will be permitted once competition begins. 
9.  Attire may be any style appropriate for public viewing, costumes are encouraged. 
10.  Public education should be a prime consideration when participating. 
11.  A fully completed registration form must be received from each team. 
12.  Winning scarf will be auctioned off; half the proceeds returned to winning team. 
13.  Competition will continue during inclement weather (subject to judge decision). 


14.  Completed project time limit will be 2.5 hours. 
15.  See SCORING SHEET for category point values. 
16.  Length of completed scarf off the loom (including fringe) will be 100 inches. 
17.  Length of fringe will be 6 inches on each end. 
18.  Width of completed scarf off the loom will be 8 inches.
19.  Determination of the judge will be final. 

S2S competition

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