Quilling, or filigree, may date to the second century in China, which was artwork emulating a goldsmith’s filigree work.  It was used to decorate religious objects in the fifth century France, then Europe.  The term quilling comes from England in the 1200’s, from the use of feather quills as the tool to coil the strips of paper.  Quilling was an expensive pastime of the affluent over the centuries, and didn’t become more available until the twentieth century, when paper making was mechanized.

The art of quilling is the coiling of narrow strips of paper that are glued together to create a three dimensional artwork.  In three hours we will make one or more images with a variety of shapes, using 1/8″ strips of coiled paper in white or colors, but glueing them to a 5″x7″ board that can be framed.  There will be 8″ x 10″ custom cut mats in a variety of colors available for $2.oo each, plus quilling paper and tools for sale (cash or check).

Instructor: Linda Rawson

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