Crocheted Socks


Leaning to crochet socks is a lot of fun.  You don’t need many supplies and the best part is that it’s a portable project.  You can crochet socks almost anywhere.  Socks can be intimidating at first, but they are not hard.  Each step will be explained in detail and Jonee will be there to help throughout the process until you feel comfortable. You will create a foot template just for you to help with that perfect fit.  Handouts and yarn will be provided.  You will take have a sock as a sample.

Students must know basic stitches.

Students can bring a size D and E hook if they have a favorite, but there will be extras available to use.  Bring pen and paper for notes.

Note: this is a 4 hour class; please plan accordingly.

Instructor: Jonee Davis

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