24 Colors with Onion Skins


Onion skins give man lovely colors, from pale cream through beautiful yellows and skewed greens to gorgeous browns.  You can even get them for free from your own kitchen!!  You’ll lean how to manipulate old-fashioned mineral salts (or use other means when you get home) to achieve these various colors.  Students will make and take home their own color chart showing how each color was obtained.

Each student can bring something to throw into the pot after we have finished with our multicolor yarns.  Wool, mohair, or silk only please.

Please bring a pen/paper for notes and wear old clothes and closed toed shoes.  Hot water on exposed toes is not good.  All yarns are provided by the instructor and are already pre-mordanted.

This is an all day class.  Please consider this when signing up for classes.

Instructor: Diana Wallace

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