Linda Rawson

My watercolors are not shy.  I love bold colors that don’t sit quietly on the paper.  I have always been an artist.  Over the years, I have beaten into submission many mediums.  Drawing and then painting with oils and acrylics evolved into a love for watercolors.

I also love tactile mediums such as Fimo sculpture, quilling and polymer clay or Chain Maille jewelry making.  While living in Florida, I taught Sailors Valentine creation and other arts utilizing sea shells, such as making shell flowers and arrangements.  It’s a Florida thing.

My favorites seem to be versatile, such as with watercolor, which can be used on multiple substrates.  My latest favorite surface is Ginwashi “rice paper” which has Kozo fibers that add inherent texture to anything painted on it.

The batik process is similar to traditional fabric batiking, which uses wax resist, layering paint and wax, one after the other.  By the end of the process, the paper is completely coated with wax which is then removed with a household iron and newspapers.

This type of artwork has freed me from the need to obsess over details and teaches me patience and acceptance.  Patience to persist till the process is complete.  Acceptance of the finished product which always has hidden surprises which are revealed at the end.  It’s the emergence from the wax coating, as if from a chrysalis, that excites me at seeing each new creation.

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Linda Rawson