Kristine Brown

Kristine Brown

Kristine is a life long illustrator and lover of plants.  She grew up outdoors int he woods and spent most of her free time reading books or drawing.  Her herbal journey began with the birth of her first child over 2 decades ago.  With the birth of her third and fourth children, she began on another journey with homeschooling, which led her to create a monthly publication for children, Herbal Roots zine.  This online zine combines her love of plants and illustration in a fun easy-t0-learn format, which has been around for over 10 years now.

Kristine has a well rounded practice that includes seeing clients, offering free workshops at her local library, teaching classes in her home and gardens, and making hand made goat milk soap, using milk from her own goat herd.  She also travels around the country teaching classes at conferences such as the Great Lakes Herb Faire, Montana Herb Gathering, Traditions in Western Herbalism, Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Kid Camp for 4 years, and headed up the kids’s camp at Green Gathering in Washington the summer of 2018.

In addition to her own publication Herbal Roots zine, Kristine has written and illustrated for various herbal and natural living publications and websites, including The Essential Herbal, Natural Herbal Living Magazine, Little Acorn Learning, Rhythm of the Home, the Crone’s Gazette, Wisconsin Healer,, and Plant Healer Magazine.  She is one of the educators of the Botany and Wildcrafting Course on Herbal Academy and teaches botanical illustration regularly on

Kristine spends her free time walking in the woods with her dog, sketching plants, observing and talking to the plants in her garden, and hanging out with her goats.  She is on a mission to show everyone they have the ability to draw if they only take time to practice, and is passionate about teaching herbalism to children, as they are our future.

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