Kari Simmers and Maureen Auvenshine

Kari Simmers

Kari loves to raise and use fiber from her own sheep, alpaca and llamas.  She loves spinning, weaving and soap making.  She is passionate about allowing people to experience the hand-on aspect of making soap, so when they go home, they feel confident they can do it themselves.  She loves to keep heritage crafts alive with the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois, and learning new skills.  She also loves to have fun!


Maureen has been enjoying playing with fibers and other crafts for several decades. She took soap making class at John C Campbell Folk School, and has experimented along with other soapy friends with different oils and fragrances. Each batch is an adventure.

She was introduced to weaving with historical re-creation activities, with further learning in Northern Alabama and John C Campbell Folk School.  She loves historical crafts and trades.